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Whether your child does other activities throughout the year, our No Days Off Program can be personalized to your Childs needs. No Days Off is a program geared to improve the total athlete. We focus on kinetic movement which develops strength, endurance and agility in our athletes. This makes them, not only, better football players but also better all around athletes. Strength and excellence in one area will breed strength and excellence in another.

Below is an Athletic Development Plan, with four phases. General Training, Specific Training, Competition, and Transition phase. Each phase is a series of programs designed for individual needs of athletes getting ready or already in season. Whether your child is in Freshman, JV, Varsity, or College prep packages each program delivers the fundamentals and skills your child will need for the Football Season.




  • Add-Ons are available to personalize your Childs No Days Off experience. From Boys 2 Men mentorship Programs to Position-U position specific training by professional athletes and certified coaches. No Days Off has a program for you!


MEMBERSHIP ADD ONS are what customize your child’s program and can be added or subtracted monthly

BOYS 2 MEN $19.99 per month


Mentorship Workshops & Life Skills

(1 session per month)

Finish First Football assists aspiring athletes to meet their own personal goals and provides them leadership opportunities to carry out a “Football Culture” in their community. The Finish First Football goal is to incorporate the love of football to create an exchange of values and ideas between the mentor and athlete for the purpose of building young character men both on and off the field.

(Recommended for Freshmen, Junior Varsity, Varsity, & College Prep packages)


NRG $39.99 per month


Nutrition & Recovery

(1 session per month)

NRG is an injury prevention program that educates our athletes and parents on prolonging optimal health. This includes in-season maintenance, active recovery and injury prevention training year round. This program is one of the most necessary and also the most overlooked in child athletic development. To reach your child’s full potential physically they must develop a disciplined approach to eating, exercise, and sleeping. Our primary concern in the area of injury prevention is to enhance our athlete’s quality of life.

(Recommended for Freshmen, Junior Varsity, Varsity, & College Prep packages)


XPLODE $59.99 per month


Speed & Agility

(4 session per month)

This program provides extra sessions for athletes trying to enhance their athletic abilities during the offseason, preparing them for their upcoming season. Our athletes also get to experience and train along side professional athletes, which enables unmatched results only found with Finish First Football.

(Recommended for Freshmen, Junior Varsity, Varsity packages)


LIFT $69.99 per month


Strength & Condition

(4 sessions per month)

Football is a sport that demands strength, power, speed and agility.

Our strength and conditioning program is designed to enhance athletic abilities, to make a stronger more explosive athlete. Our LIFT program will elevate any athlete’s game to the next level!

(Recommended for Junior Varsity-no weights, Varsity, & College Prep packages)


POSITION-U $99.99 per month


Skill Development Training

This program is position specific training that enhances athletic skills during the offseason, and prepares players for their upcoming season. Our athletes also get to experience and train along side professional athletes in their position group, which enables unmatched results only found with Finish First Football.

(Recommended for Varsity, & College Prep packages)


The chart below depicts a comparison between a seasonal program with no yearly commitment to a one year membership program which includes all seasonal programming at a reduced rate.





selected seasonal programs


interaction w/ pro athletes

prices vary

per program

No days off "junior varsity"

4 sessions per month

avg price per session $18


all seasonal programs

winter, spring, summer, fall

Personalized program

athlete development plan

mentorship & lifeskill program

add-on available 

child learns to develop a routine

accountability & motivation

insurance coverage by football mb



Interaction w/ pro athletes


Monthly Plan w/ 1 year commitment

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