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First Cousins Kito and Carl spent their childhood playing multiple sports, however, excelled at playing Football. It was their passion and determination for the game that led them through their playing careers and ultimately brought them to a place where they can now teach you the things they’ve learned along the way, finally giving back what Football gave them. Born in Montreal and raised as brothers in South Florida, their senior year of high school they received multiple scholarship offers from different Universities and both chose to accept full ride scholarships to Central Michigan University. At the end of their successful college careers they were drafted in the CFL where they spent 5 seasons playing.

Kito and Carl both attribute their success with football to the training techniques they’ve learned from some of the top Football minds in the country (Coach Brian Kelly Current Head coach for Notre Dame and Coach Butch Jones Current Head Coach at University of Tennessee). There mission now is to give back by teaching all that they have learned to those willing to learn and take their game to the next level. Through the application of their methods, their vision of “HardWork Beats Talent” is more than just a slogan – it’s a core principal to being a superior athlete and fulfilling your potential. For many, talent is a natural gift, yet may often fall short; but like respect, HardWork is earned – that’s why Finish First Football is here to show aspiring young athletes the way to leave a mark and create a personal legacy.

No matter your skill level, Finish First Football drills and exercises will get you better! Remember “HardWork Beats Talent”. So don’t be a Joe and come train with the Pros!

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