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Finish First will be traveling a 14 and Under team to compete in this year’s National Youth Sports Championship in San Diego California. The Tournament will take place June 21-25 2017. Players eligible must be born after August 1st, 2002-June 2005 and no higher than grade 9. **Attention** discounts awarded to No Days Off Participants email for your own personal coupon code.


May-Mid June

PHASE 2: $150 

6 two hour practices (Full Pads Needed)

Scrimmage vs Churchhill 8-9th grade JV team

Team Fundraiser (Social)



PHASE 3: $1750 *value before fundraising credits apply* (includes transportation, hotel, insurance, pregame meals, tournament fees) 

40 will advance to San Diego California for a 6-day stay and play in the National Youth Sports Championship


Click Here to visit the tournament website





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