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Finish First is dedicated to athletes
that want to learn from Pro’s the newest skills & techniques that will help you rise above your competition.


The Finish First Staff is dedicated to the success of our athletes on and off the field. Your child will be greatly impacted by the staff and the other athletes in our program.


Finish First athletes are always working on their game and striving to get better. We offer year-round training programs and travel teams for all skill levels.

College Prep

Preparing student-athletes for college is one of our goals. We have a specific game plan for athletes that want to play football at the next level.


With our online network of close to 1 million members involved with Pro Athletes, University Coaches and Scouts gives us an online platform that showcases all the athletes that come through our program to the Football World

Finish First strives to be a recognized leader by providing the highest quality skills training and recruiting services for young athletes.


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